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Bring the Noise

Culture media app dedicated to the Hip Hop experience. 

The app, which the Public Enemy legend announced while a guest on Chris Cuomo’s new show Cuomo on NewsNation, is called Bring the Noise and will go live very soon.


“Well, it’s a culture media app, and I think culture media is greater than social media,” Chuck D said. “Social media, you got everybody in a sandbox. Not saying people can’t say or do whatever.

“One thing that culture media does is the music, the craft, the art, and it’s not uninviting to 35 and under if you wanna just give it a name or a figure or number whatever, but it engages a conversation in a room that just keeps it to the art and culture and that’s what it is.

He continued: “I just think social media’s all over the place. Everybody feels like they got a mic and a camera and they’re a super star so I’m just like, ‘Cool, stay there if you want to,’ but you could go to

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RAPSTATION is a global service for true Hip Hop - the legends and independent artists to be able to be showcased, played and acknowledged for their art.

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